Mermaid Tears

The waters part and the dolphins play at the ship's hull, as mermaid tears fall... The seagulls dance and the whales sing as mermaid tears fall... The sky is clear and the clouds are bright as mermaid tears fall... The seal hunts and the otters play as mermaid tears fall... The waves crash and the [...]

Old Friends

I miss all of my old friends who have passed away. Sometimes you just don't understand why they were taken so soon. I loved and miss Johnny Cash. I miss my old buddy Johnny Paycheck, who happens to be buried in an area of the cemetery that I bought for my family. - George Jones [...]

The Anatomy of the Resting Douche Face

"I'm a bit of a gourmet chef. I love cooking - mostly Thai food." - Will Ferrell There is always that one individual at work or in the family that always looks angry or never happy.  Even during occasions that are cause for celebration we end up asking ourselves, why does he always look pissed [...]

Where do the Memories Go?

"The most beautiful things are not associated with money; they are memories and moments. If you don't celebrate those, they can pass you by." - Alek Wek What is it like to see one of the most cherished people in your life slowly lose their memories?  What is it like to have someone who has [...]

To Believe or Not To Believe

“Religion is like a pair of shoes... Find one that fits for you, but don't make me wear your shoes.” ― George Carlin Well my introductory blog was a little about me and where I came from.  My likes and dislikes, my hopes and dreams, and love for my local Cracker Barrel.  For the most [...]