You Will Be Alright

From time to time I like to share short stories or poems on my blog.  I find it meaningful and fulfilling.  And quite honestly who doesn’t like a little something to pull at our heart strings?  I hope you enjoy this little piece of my heart.

It was a cold November morning in sleepy Georgia and I was recovering from a bout of chicken pox, feeling like crud for the past few days.  This morning I was feeling a little better and figured I would face the world.  My father, mother, and I were all hanging out at my great uncle’s farm for our annual family Thanksgiving get together.  All of the clan would come together and celebrate Thanksgiving, as this was our get away to come together and reconnect.

Well on that morning I got up sooner than everyone else and decided to go outside to the porch.  I was probably 11 at the time.  I walked out onto my great uncle’s patio overlooking the farm and the wood line when the chill hit my face and feet.  I was still in my PJs and had to put my coat on, being careful not to wake up the others.  My dad and great uncle were already there having their morning coffee, just talking.  See my dad retired out of the Air Force doing two tours in Vietnam, and traveled around the world.  My great uncle was a US Army World War II veteran who had fought the German Wehrmacht in the European theater.  So any chance I got I would sit and listen to them talk.

On this particular morning they greeted me good morning with my dad pointing out I looked better.  Dad giving a sip of his coffee made to perfection, I sat with him on the swing as my great uncle and he just sat quietly looking out onto the farm.  My great uncle turned to me breaking the silence saying to me, “Boy, you were not looking good there for a while.” I concurred with his assessment and enjoyed feeling the cool Georgia hitting my face.  Then he went on to mention how my mother was worried and wanted to cut the trip short and go back to Florida.  He told my mother through his thick accent, “The boy will be alright, just break the fever and keep him hydrated and fed.”  My father and grandmother convinced her that I would be alright and to just listen.

Well I was not feeling good and just wanted to sleep.  So I did not really care what they decided to do with me.  But we stayed and two days later I was sitting with them on the porch.  I said to my great uncle, “How did you know I was going to be alright?” He looked at me and said, “Well looky here son, I knew you would want to go back outside and wanted to stay here on the farm.  So I just knew, you were going to be alright. Ain’t no further need to explain it when you just know” I just smiled with a puzzled look on my face.  I looked at my father and he just sat there with a quiet smile.  So they went back to talking and I just listened knowing then that I was going to be alright.

From this experience I realized that no matter how stressful or tough life may get, if I just slow down and take a breath things will be alright.  All I need to do is slow down, take a deep breath, and refocus, and know I will be alright, just like he told me on that cool November morning in Georgia.

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