Mistress Moon

Second in a series of personal poems from the years of the Hopeful Nihilist’s life. The muse for these poems is now my wife of 10 years. She recently brought them back to my attention and wanted me to share them with my readers. While they may sound cheesy and at times sappy, they are me and reflect my evolution as a writer. I humbly share them with you all and truly hope that you enjoy them.

Mistress Moon

The night sky

The old singing to the mistress moon

A lonely song

The fireflies dancing

Giving a light show

My arms around you

Moonlight cascading on us

I lean over to your ear

And whisper

Shine on, diamond eyes

And also say those three words

I love you

We kiss softly

The moon smiles

In the distance

Two wolves sing

No longer lonely

A firefly dances with another

And we just lay there until

The emperor sun takes his throne

And we bid goodnight

To the mistress moon…

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