Crushing Your Enemies

Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories. - Sun Tzu Crushing your enemies and watching them scatter in the wind.  Nothing is sweeter than the victory of finally winning that long and costly “war”.  But what if that enemy is yourself?  What if the enemy you wage a never-ending conflict [...]

You Will Be Alright

From time to time I like to share short stories or poems on my blog.  I find it meaningful and fulfilling.  And quite honestly who doesn’t like a little something to pull at our heart strings?  I hope you enjoy this little piece of my heart. It was a cold November morning in sleepy Georgia [...]

The Road to Forgiveness

“Forgiving others is easier than forgiving ourselves.” – The Hopeful Nihilist Forgiveness is that final act of closure which allows our head and heart to move forward.  We will have people we love and care for hurt us and unfortunately that is just life.  And holding that anger or sadness in our heart will only [...]

Mermaid Tears

The waters part and the dolphins play at the ship's hull, as mermaid tears fall... The seagulls dance and the whales sing as mermaid tears fall... The sky is clear and the clouds are bright as mermaid tears fall... The seal hunts and the otters play as mermaid tears fall... The waves crash and the [...]


The difference between average people and achieving people is their perception of and response to failure. - John C. Maxwell The way we carry ourselves and treat others is what helps define who we are and how we are judged in today’s society.  In a world where there is a lot of talk and dwindling [...]

Old Friends

I miss all of my old friends who have passed away. Sometimes you just don't understand why they were taken so soon. I loved and miss Johnny Cash. I miss my old buddy Johnny Paycheck, who happens to be buried in an area of the cemetery that I bought for my family. - George Jones [...]

When Diplomacy Fails the “People Pleaser”

Well, the thing that I learned as a diplomat is that human relations ultimately make a huge difference. - Madeleine Albright  Diplomacy is the heart of what I do for a living. And so, it is exasperating when diplomacy fails to resolve personal conflicts at home or the workplace. It can really weigh on a [...]