When Diplomacy Fails the “People Pleaser”

Well, the thing that I learned as a diplomat is that human relations ultimately make a huge difference. - Madeleine Albright  Diplomacy is the heart of what I do for a living. And so, it is exasperating when diplomacy fails to resolve personal conflicts at home or the workplace. It can really weigh on a [...]


Mistress Moon

Second in a series of personal poems from the years of the Hopeful Nihilist's life. The muse for these poems is now my wife of 10 years. She recently brought them back to my attention and wanted me to share them with my readers. While they may sound cheesy and at times sappy, they are [...]


Hello everyone! My apologies for being MIA lately. I have just begun a much needed R&R from work. For the next few weeks, I'll be sharing with you some poems I've written years ago to woo my now wife. She has collected them for me in a hand made scrapbook. It's been a while since [...]

The Anatomy of the Resting Douche Face

"I'm a bit of a gourmet chef. I love cooking - mostly Thai food." - Will Ferrell There is always that one individual at work or in the family that always looks angry or never happy.  Even during occasions that are cause for celebration we end up asking ourselves, why does he always look pissed [...]